SQFTx, inc. is a real estate technology company based in Boulder Colorado. SQFT has developed the first fully transactional platform to serve and support the entire real estate sales process from beginning to end. The platform provides efficiency, transparency, and access to both client and agent alike.

The SQFT platform is designed to be company branded for use by real estate professionals. Clients are empowered through hands on control and involvement in their personal sales process.

Selling a Home


Selling a home is an emotional and involved process. SQFT give agents the tools to allow clients to have more transparency and control over the process of selling their own home.

The Solution


The process is interactive for agents and clients with regular detailed activity alerts. Clients and agents see showings and offers in real time. Buyers have immediate satisfaction,  able to make offers right from the house they want. All contracts are programmatically generated for all parties throughout the process.

The New SQFT Paradigm


Real estate at the speed of technology. SQFT puts the entire real estate process in the palm of your hand.  It’s quick, easy and transparent.