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Real Estate at the Speed of Technology


SQFT is building tools to streamline and automate the process of buying and selling homes!



Property Listings

Contract Negotiations

Home Showings


As a Realtor I love this app. It’s branded with my company info and has all my listings. I can be in a meeting and my buyer clients can schedule showings and make offers without me. I get all the notifications and paperwork for my files which really streamlines the process. I know I have technology no other agents have which puts me in the lead.

I got showing requests on my phone and an offer the next day. The buyer and I negotiated in the app and all the paperwork was done and emailed to us to sign. The nice thing is that my agent was on vacation and she got the contract to review before we signed! Definitely the wave of the future!

SQFT was quick and easy!  I downloaded the app and listed my home in 10 minutes. The system sent me all of the forms already filled out and I just clicked to sign. The nice thing is my husband was across the country and the system sent the paperwork to him to sign as well on his phone!  My agent got the paperwork too without me having to deliver it.