• Easily claim your listing or
  • Enter in property info

creates your new listing


generates your listing agreement in minutes



Faster Communication Enables You to Act Fast on Opportunities

  • Make and receive offers

  • Negotiate deals

  • Cut down on response time during crucial moments

  • Ensure all parties are on the same page at every step


Buyer Agents and Buyers Can:

  • Search

  • Request Showing

  • Make Offers

  • Negotiate

Property Listings

Contract Negotiations

Home Showings

How It Works:


SQFT has developed the first fully transactional platform to serve and support the entire real estate sales process from beginning to end.


The app greatly increases efficiency, transparency, and access to both client and agent alike.

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Listing Agent Tools

The SQFT app puts a suite of the most important real estate transaction tools in the palm of your hand. You and your clients can effortless create listings (with photos), using only a smartphone. Imagine starting a listing during your initial client pitch meeting!

Your custom listing agreement can automatically be filled out and sent to your client electronically. No more delays in going back to your office to complete and e-mail the agreement!

The SQFT rider invites potential buyers and their agents to download the app to schedule showings. Showing requests are displayed in-app and via e-mail to all parties. Your clients will appreciate the collaboration and transparency that the app provides.

Questions and negotiations are all handled within the app. Once the parties agree on terms, SQFT populates and sends your customized purchase agreement to all parties for electronic signature saving you valuable time at every step.

The app serves as a contact management and communication tool between your clients and you. With one click, you can call or message each other!

Buyer’s Agent Tools


With the SQFT app, you and your clients can review listings that are pulled from many sources, including your local MLS.

Once a desired property is identified, you or your client can schedule a showing all through the app. All parties are included in the scheduling notification process both in-app and by e-mail.

During a showing or at any other time or place, ask questions or submit offers to the seller. In a hot real estate market where the successful buyer is often the one who acts fastest, the SQFT app eliminates the delays associated with having to return to your office to complete and send an offer.

Making an offer or counter is easy with the SQFT app, just fill out a couple of fields and submit. The seller and their agent will instantaneously receive it in-app and via e-mail.

Try it For Free

Its simple to create or claim your listings directly in the app. There is no limit on the number of listings you can add.

SQFT provides 3 riders that invite potential buyers and their agents to download the app to schedule showings. You and your clients can view and manage all showing requests instantly in the app.

Responding to buyer questions and offers is easy with the SQFT app! Reject, counter or accept offers with just the push of a few buttons!

The app serves as a contact management and communication tool between your clients and you. With one click, you can call or e-mail each other!

After 30 days, your credit card will be billed $49 per month until cancelled

All of your contracts are filled out automatically with information entered into the app for each property and instantly sent to all parties

Your listings can easily be uploaded into the SQFT app from your local MLS

Unlimited Listing Creation, Manage Showings, Negotiate & Sell, Messaging, E-Document Generation & Signing, MLS Feed Import, MLS Feed Export, 30 Days Free, No Longterm Commitments

The listing you or your client creates in the app can be easily exported into your local MLS! It will appear in draft mode on the MLS website until you approve. Creates incredible efficencies!

While we are confident that you will find the SQFT app to greatly increase your efficiency and client transparency, you can cancel at any time.

As a Realtor I love this app. It’s branded with my company info and has all my listings. I can be in a meeting and my buyer clients can schedule showings and make offers without me. I get all the notifications and paperwork for my files which really streamlines the process. I know I have technology no other agents have which puts me in the lead.

Mike T

I got showing requests on my phone and an offer the next day. The buyer and I negotiated in the app and all the paperwork was done and emailed to us to sign. The nice thing is that my agent was on vacation and she got the contract to review before we signed! Definitely the wave of the future!

Sally B.

SQFT was quick and easy! I downloaded the app and listed my home in 10 minutes. The system sent me all of the forms already filled out and I just clicked to sign. The nice thing is my husband was across the country and the system sent the paperwork to him to sign as well on his phone! My agent got the paperwork too without me having to deliver it.

Bob D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is SQFT?

A: SQFT is the world’s first fully-transactional real estate app app that is designed to bring agents and their clients together on a more collaborative, informed and transparent basis. Agents and their seller clients can list a property in minutes, negotiate offers, execute contracts and get to closing quickly all within the SQFT app. With the SQFT app, buyers and their agents can explore listings, schedule showings, ask questions, make offers and execute contracts.

Q: If I list a property on the SQFT app, how will my listing get to potential buyers?

A: Coming soon, the SQFT app will allow automatic MLS upload so that agents can list a property in the app and then easily upload it into their MLS accounts.  For now, agents will still need to create a MLS listing in addition to listing the property in the SQFT app.

Q: I'm planning to sell my home and do not have an agent. How do I get started with SQFT?

A: Start by downloading the SQFT app. The app will ask you to create a profile and to provide minimal information about your property.  You will then be asked to either provide the contact information for your agent or, if you don’t have one, allow SQFT to suggest one for you. Once an agent is identified, it is completely your decision whether to list with them or find another agent.

Q: I am interested in scheduling a property showing. What do I need to do?

A: To schedule a showing, first download the SQFT app.  Next, select the desired property and look for the “Request Showing” button at the bottom of the property’s description.  Just pick a date and time that works best for you and click “Submit”. The seller and their listing broker will instantly receive both an in-app message and an e-mail notifying them of your request.  They will then either accept or reject your request.  

Q: I found a great property and wish to make an offer. What do I need to do?

A: To make an offer, first download the SQFT app.  Next, select the desired property and look for the “Make Offer” button at the bottom of the property’s description.  You will need to select a price, financing options, and closing timeline.  Once ready, click “Submit” and the offer will be instantly sent to all parties in the transaction.  The seller or their agent acting on their behalf will either accept your offer, reject it or make a counter-offer.  You will receive notice of their decision in the app as well as by e-mail. If you are a potential buyer, we strongly recommend that you discuss any offers with your agent before clicking “Submit”. Also, please review our Terms and Conditions for more information before making any offers.

Q: I'm stuck! Who should I call?

A: It depends.  If you have a real estate related question, contact your agent.  We make contacting your designated agent easy by providing their contact information in the app menu by selecting “My Agents”.  Once selected, you may either send them an e-mail or call them.  If your question is about your SQFT account or is app related, just click on the Help button and select “Contact”.

Q: How do I know what my home is really worth?

A: SQFT uses data from a variety of public sources, including recent sales data in your neighborhood, to give you an estimate for the price of your home. SQFT’s estimate of your home’s selling price is just an estimate of the value of your home, not an appraisal. Your agent can assist you in determining the most appropriate price for your home based upon comps.

Q: Why should listing agents use SQFT?

A: SQFT creates process transparency and significantly reduces the amount of time it typically takes agents to take their clients from listing to closing. Create a new listing in minutes, respond to showing requests and buyer questions, negotiate and go under contract, all within the app!  With the SQFT app, agents have a direct client communication tool at their fingertips – just click on a client’s name in the app to either send an e-mail or place a call. Under our Tier 2 & 3 packages, agents can upload form or customized agreements that may be effortlessly completed and signed electronically.  

Q: What are the costs to using SQFT?

A: SQFT is absolutely free to use for buyers’ agents and their clients.  Once you download the app and create a free profile, you may review listings, schedule showing requests, ask questions and make offers, all within the app.  

Listing agents are charged a nominal monthly fee to list their clients’ properties and use the app’s many features.  We offer a few packages [here].  There are no referral fees if we assign an unrepresented buyer or seller to you. There are no long term commitments and cancellation is always drama-free! Once you have created a profile and picked a package, you may invite your seller clients to also use the app for no additional fee.

Q: I'm a seller who is already being represented by a broker. Can I still list my home using SQFT?

A: Absolutely!  SQFT is specifically designed for listing agents and their clients to work collaboratively and with greater transparency throughout the entire home sales process.  Just download the app, create a profile and provide minimal information about your property. You will then be asked to identify your agent.  If he/she is already subscribed to SQFT, you can select them from our list.  Otherwise, we will send them an invitation via e-mail to download the app and join you in using this incredible resource!  

Q: I received an e-mail from SQFT asking me to “claim my listing”. What should I do?

A: Download the SQFT app using the link provided in the e-mail. Next, create a profile.  In the app’s menu, you will see your listing’s address.  Just click on it to claim it. Once claimed, you can use all of the features of the SQFT app, such as accept showing requests, instantly communicate with your client as well as potential buyers, and review and respond to offers.

Q: I received an e-mail from SQFT asking me to approve a showing request. I’ve never used SQFT. What should I do?

A: Download the SQFT app using the link provided in the e-mail. Next, create a profile and select your package.  Once completed, you can accept or reject the showing request.  If the potential buyer is represented by an agent, you will receive the agent’s contact information.  If the buyer is yet unrepresented and you respond to the showing request quickly, we will attempt to refer them to you!  

Q: I don't have an iPhone, can I still use SQFT?

A: We anticipate releasing the Android version of the SQFT app in February 2017.

Q: I'm planning to sell/buy my home without a broker representing me. Can I use SQFT?

A: No.  SQFT is designed to be used by agents with their clients.  We do not permit unrepresented buyers or sellers to transact property using the app.  If you do not have an agent, let us recommend one for you! Just create a profile and select the “Refer an Agent” button.